Anniversary of Extortion 17

Please take a moment today to remember the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen warriors of Extortion 17.  Five years ago on this day, August 6th, we lost 31 brave Americans.   These Special Operators were lost when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.  To the families of these brave men, we support you, we salute you and we will never forget the sacrifices that were made for all of us.  We are forever grateful.

SGT Alexander J. Bennett

SPC Spencer Duncan

CWO Bryan J. Nichols

CWO David R. Carter

SSG Patrick D. Hamburger

TSgt John W. Brown

SSgt Andrew W. Harvell

TSgt Daniel L. Zerbe

PO1 (SEAL) Darrick C. Benson

CPO (SEAL) Brian R. Bill

PO1 (SEAL) Christopher G. Campbell

PO1 Jared W. Day

PO1 John Douangdara & Navy SEAL Dog “Bart”

CPO (SEAL) John W. Faas

CPO (SEAL) Kevin A. Houston

Lt. Cmdr. (SEAL) Jonas B. Kelsall

MCPO (SEAL) Louis J. Langlais

CPO (SEAL) Matthew D. Mason

CPO (SEAL) Stephen M. Mills

CPO Nicholas H. Null

PO1 (SEAL) Jesse D. Pittman

SCPO (SEAL) Thomas A. Ratzlaff

CPO (SEAL) Robert J. Reeves

CPO (SEAL) Heath M. Robinson

PO2 (SEAL) Nicholas P. Spehar

PO1 Michael J. Strange

PO1 (SEAL) Jon T. Tumilson

PO1 (SEAL) Aaron C. Vaughn

SCPO Kraig M. Vickers

PO1 (SEAL) Jason R. Workman

We will never forget.

Drew VachalAnniversary of Extortion 17
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Extortion 17 Memorial to Unveil in 42 Days!

We are honored to announce a very special Memorial Site unveiling set to take place on September 17, 2016 in honor of our fallen heroes. A very big supporter and friend of the Naval Special Warfare community, Eyal Shapira, has spent countless hours and dollars creating a state of the art memorial ground for our fallen heroes of Extortion 17. The dedication will take place at a private residence in Massachusetts, and will be attended by family and friends of these great men.

Please join me in celebrating the legacy of these great men and their families. A big thank you to Mr. Shapiro, our supporters and friends. 

Drew VachalExtortion 17 Memorial to Unveil in 42 Days!
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Naval Special Warfare Command Holds Change of Command Ceremony

Congratulations to Admiral Tim Szymanski for taking the lead today as the Commander Naval Special Warfare Command, and a special thank you to Admiral Brian Losey who led this important force this past three years. Naval Special Warfare was and will continue to be under the best leadership.

For more information visit Navy.Mil

Drew VachalNaval Special Warfare Command Holds Change of Command Ceremony
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NSW Spouse Third Location Decompression

“Proof that this community truly cares about the well-being, livelihood, and sanity of the spouses and families.  Understanding the sacrifices and struggles, the unique path we have as NSW families.  Words into action is priceless.”– NSW Spouse

It was a beautiful Sunday at the Hotel Del Coronado, as we greeted 60 NSW spouses for a delicious brunch to discuss their service member’s return home from a particularly tough deployment.  There was a panel of speakers from the NSW command who spoke to the women about the challenges they may face when reintegrating back home with their spouse and the importance of their Third Location Decompression (TLD).  The speakers welcomed questions and provided an open discussion forum for the spouses.  It was a great opportunity for first-time deployment spouses to ask questions where more experienced spouses were able to share their stories and offer advice to one another.

The Spouse TLD is used to provide Naval Special Warfare spouses time to prepare for their husbands return from deployment. The home environment is a complex environment and it changes during the absence of the deployed service member. It changes again upon the return of the service member. The Spouse TLD prepares the entire family for this change in the home dynamic.

Drew VachalNSW Spouse Third Location Decompression
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Navy SEAL: The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things At All, But Relationships

This story is worth the look. It is a sincere and accurate take on what’s important. We all know this, but this is a powerful and meaningful reminder.

Excerpt via Task & Purpose:

As I grow older, my outlook is changing.

I’m realizing that showing love and appreciation for the people I care about most is more important than momentarily looking “cool” to a few acquaintances. I’m learning to express more gratitude and genuine appreciation to those who have gone out of their way to look out for me when it mattered.

I’m recognizing that too many people foolishly mistake kindness for weakness. I’m learning that it’s a liberating breath of fresh air to cut the rope and separate from habitual liars, setting them free to lie to others and, once fee from the lies, wishing I had done it sooner!

For Full Story Click Here

Drew VachalNavy SEAL: The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things At All, But Relationships
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