Creating Resilient Families One Gold Star Teen at a Time

The SEAL-NSW Family Foundation is very proud of our Gold Star Family programs. This weekend, Feb. 12-14, Phase IV of the our Leadership Academy took place in CO. Seven Gold Star teenagers traveled from all over the country to meet in Winter Park, Colorado. Together with Comfort Zone Camp (CZC), we hosted these resilient teenagers for 4 days in the snow covered Colorado mountains. During this weekend, the teens participated in activities that tested their agility, challenged their comfort levels and fostered intimate life and loss discussions.

Everyone participated in all activities, and most experienced things for the first time. The teens left this trip refreshed, inspired, filled with joy and fond memories to reflect upon for the road ahead. They retained the importance of being connected to their NSW community and in that connection developed confidence to look at challenges in life with a resilient mindset. 

The next SEAL-NSW Family Foundation hosted effort, CZC’s Camp Ascending Warrior will take place in July.  Phase V will take place this Fall. Most of the teens are spread all across the country, so not only is it special to connect in one physical place for adventures, but this is one of the very few times throughout the year where these kids get to be with each other, which relinquishes these special bonds that they hold close to their hearts. As one teen said this weekend, “you are a family that is so important to my heart and life ahead. I lost a family I once knew and gained a new family to help me grow”. Physical and psychological support is vital for the development of our youth. Let’s continue the hard work of honoring them. 

Drew VachalCreating Resilient Families One Gold Star Teen at a Time