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Family Readiness & Community

The NSWFF offers annual grants to each registered Family Readiness Group (FRG) within NSW to assist in the execution of activities for the FRGs. FRGs utilize grant money to fund activities in line with our mission to increase resiliency across the NSW family. by increasing cohesiveness, providing training and education, and encouraging positive peer support and family interactions. Grants are provided to established FRGs as documented through command appointment.

The Sisterhood Community is a worldwide-NSW spousal support network that provides a private forum for spouses to discuss issues of mutual concern and obtain the necessary resources to meet their unique needs. The NSWFF grants financial support to the Sisterhood to provide this capability.

Family Wellness

NSWFF supports programs that focus specifically on mental, physical, emotional, and relational health. These are key components to resiliency. Resilience is the ability to adapt well to stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy. It is the ability to remain stable and maintain healthy levels of psychological and physical functioning in the face of disruption or chaos.

Bereavement funding provides funeral support and uncovered family expenses during the unfortunate loss of an immediate family member (other than service member). This financial support includes supporting logistics for families while traveling and home-based Family Memorial Events.

The NSWFF is there to provide timely support to the families in their time of greatest need. Arranging and funding funeral services for service members, moving relatives across town or around the globe, providing for the children, and whatever else is needed to provide comfort and solace to the surviving family members.

Our support continues long after their loved ones are put to rest. Our Gold Star Family initiatives funds family trips to the grave site on special occasions, holiday gatherings for the surviving families, assistance with survivor medical expenses whenever needed, special ceremonies to commemorate their loved one, and assistance with private family foundations and memorials.

Youth Necessities

We believe that a special focus on the needs of children is required to support our NSW families. We offer program support to families that focus on the personal skills and coping strategies that help children and young people respond positively to their complex lives. Giving children and youth the right support at this most critical time is essential to building tomorrows strong, prolific families.

We work closely with partners to address the unique needs of children who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our supportive program is aimed to transform the lives of children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver. The camp is designed to support the entire Gold Star community in addressing their grief and loss, while simultaneously building a foundation that promotes resiliency.

These children are our future. We work with our partners to address unique issues with our children and youth within the community. These programs are aided to stop the negative cycle in the child’s academic and emotional life. The long-term impact of these programs reduces stress, ultimately allowing the operator to deploy without the burden worry of his family’s welfare, which benefits the NSW Community and America.

Education and Heritage

NSWFF supports projects that aim to preserve the history and heritage of NSW and honor those who have served. This support includes memorial ceremonies, memorial monuments, and heritage/education initiatives.

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