SEAL Family Foundation Grants & Support

We provide various grants to organizations that enhance SEAL Family Foundation’s ability to create more resilient families.

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Our Grants

Freedom isn’t free. While we pursue our personal and business goals and objectives, and enjoy the fruits of our labors, thousands of families nationwide and globally are making unimaginable sacrifices on our behalf. It is not just the warriors out on the frontlines, but their spouses, children and extended families who are all making sacrifices in the name of our freedom.

Readiness and Community

Grants are provided with the intent that applicants utilize grant money to fund activities that support the SEAL Family Foundation’s mission to increase resiliency across the NSW family by increasing cohesiveness, providing training and education, and encouraging positive peer support and family interactions. 

Family Wellness

SEAL Family Foundation supports programs that focus specifically on mental, physical, emotional, and relational health. These are key components to resiliency. Resilience is the ability to adapt well to stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy. It is the ability to remain stable and maintain healthy levels of psychological and physical functioning in the face of disruption or chaos.

Child and Youth Needs

We believe that a special focus on the needs of children is required to support our NSW families. Programs that focus on the personal skills and coping strategies that help children and youth respond and perform positively to their complex lives. Giving children and youth the right support at this most critical time is essential to building tomorrows strong, prolific families.

Education and Heritage

SEAL Family Foundation supports projects that aid (or help) to preserve the history and heritage of Naval Special Warfare and honor those who have served. This support includes memorial ceremonies, memorial monuments, and heritage/education initiatives.