NSW Spouse Third Location Decompression

“Proof that this community truly cares about the well-being, livelihood, and sanity of the spouses and families.  Understanding the sacrifices and struggles, the unique path we have as NSW families.  Words into action is priceless.”– NSW Spouse

It was a beautiful Sunday at the Hotel Del Coronado, as we greeted 60 NSW spouses for a delicious brunch to discuss their service member’s return home from a particularly tough deployment.  There was a panel of speakers from the NSW command who spoke to the women about the challenges they may face when reintegrating back home with their spouse and the importance of their Third Location Decompression (TLD).  The speakers welcomed questions and provided an open discussion forum for the spouses.  It was a great opportunity for first-time deployment spouses to ask questions where more experienced spouses were able to share their stories and offer advice to one another.

The Spouse TLD is used to provide Naval Special Warfare spouses time to prepare for their husbands return from deployment. The home environment is a complex environment and it changes during the absence of the deployed service member. It changes again upon the return of the service member. The Spouse TLD prepares the entire family for this change in the home dynamic.

Drew VachalNSW Spouse Third Location Decompression