Freedom isn’t free.  While we pursue our personal and business goals and objectives, and enjoy the fruits of our labors, thousands of families nationwide and globally are making unimaginable sacrifices on our behalf.  It is not just the warriors out on the frontlines, but their spouses, children and extended families who are all making sacrifices in the name of our freedom.

These families and their support is the cornerstone of our mission and the direct services we provide.

Family Resiliency and Services

Resiliency does not just happen. Our community team building efforts focus on activities and events that promote connecting NSW Families throughout the year. Our activities include gatherings, outings, and events designed for the spouses, children and families.


The Sisterhood program creates opportunities for spouses of NSW to meet regularly to discuss topics of mutual concern. We facilitate these meetings to enhance resiliency in the family domain.

Special Needs Children

Our SEALKIDS partnership provides direct educational diagnostic testing, services and tutoring/mentoring and support to the families of active duty SEALs, SWCC and support personnel who have special needs children.  The average cost of care per child is $10,000 depending on the diagnosis and needed services.

– One in 88 military children are diagnosed with autism

– Military kids ages 11-14 experience a 15% increase in emotional and behavioral problems than the general population (Rand Corp. Study)

– Approximately 18% of military children are in need of counseling

Family Readiness Groups (FRG)

The Family Readiness Groups (FRG) provide an avenue for support and assistance and a network of communications among the NSW family members within each unit and their community. The Foundation provides grants to registered FRGs to enable the execution of their tailored programs.

Emergency Assistance

Our quick response financial assistance during times of family emergency is a critical safety net for our NSW Families. Recent examples of where we’ve helped but are not limited to include: spouse respite, emergency home repairs for deployed service members, urgent child care and delivered meals/house cleaning/yard maintenance to injured service members.