Supporting the warriors who defend our freedom.

Freedom isn’t free. While we pursue our personal and business goals and objectives, and enjoy the fruits of our labors, thousands of families nationwide and globally are making unimaginable sacrifices on our behalf. It is not just the warriors out on the frontlines, but their spouses, children and extended families who are all making sacrifices in the name of our freedom.

These families and their support is the cornerstone of our mission and the direct services we provide.



SEAL Family Foundation Dinners

Family is important. We make it a point to meet the families the night before their service member (SEAL/SWCC) graduates from their NAVSOC Basic Training Course. Our private dinner provides an opportunity for the families to meet each other prior to embarking on their own journey. Each graduation brings over 200 guests to celebrate this very special occasion in this extraordinary community. A strong family makes for an even stronger operator.

Wounded Warriors

Working in support of the NSW Command and in close coordination with their Casualty Assistance Program, we bridge the gaps in Government Programs and provide additional capability during these critical times. While the Government has very specific programs to deal with these situations they might not meet all the needs. Our goal is to be with the wounded during their entire road to recovery, offering assistance as needed, including resourcing experimental treatments that the VA or other government institutions will not fund.