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Founded in 2008, the SEAL Family Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that raises funds and awareness for special programs in direct support of the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) families on a local, national and global scale. More than 90 percent of all funding supports direct services, and remaining funds directly support program administration and Foundation operations.


Taking care of their families while they protect ours

Freedom isn’t free. While we pursue our personal and business goals and objectives, and enjoy the fruits of our labors, thousands of families nationwide and globally are making unimaginable sacrifices on our behalf. It is not just the warriors out on the frontlines, but their spouses, children and extended families who are all making sacrifices in the name of our freedom.

These families and their support is the cornerstone of our mission and the direct services we provide.

Resiliency and Services

Resiliency does not just happen. Our community Team Building efforts focus on activities and events that promote connecting NSW Families through-out the year. Our activities include gatherings, outings, and events designed for the spouses, children and families. 

Children Focused Assistance

Our partnership with SEALKIDS provides direct educational diagnostic testing services to address the complexities of a NSW child on the autism spectrum, with special needs, tutoring or struggling with behavioral/emotional difficulties.

Family Reintegration

The home environment is complex and changes during the absence of the deployed service member. The spouse Third Location Decompression (TLD) seminars provide the spouse tools to prepare for their service members’ return from deployment. Through this reintegration program, the spouse is better equipped to prepare the family for the change in the home dynamic. 

The Tadpole Project

The Tadpole Project offers free cryopreservation to male members of the NSW community.  This first-of-its-kind program allows warriors to preserve their biology (and get cutting edge sperm analysis) through unique at-home kits for full privacy and ease.  The Tadpole Project is the ultimate legacy preservation and the SEAL Family Foundation is proud to be the Founding Partner of Military Family Building Coalition to bring this program to our community. 


The vital service of creating an effective and ongoing bond among NSW spouses is a key pillar of the Foundation’s Sisterhood support. Sisterhood meetings create opportunities for spouses to meet regularly to discuss topics of mutual interest. We facilitate these meetings to enhance resiliency in the family domain. 

Family Readiness Groups (FRG)

The Family Readiness Groups (FRG) provide an avenue for support and assistance, and a network of communications among the Family members to help create a climate of mutual support within the unit and community. The Foundation provides grants to registered FRGs to enable the execution of their tailored programs. 

Emergency Assistance

Our quick response financial assistance during times of family emergency is a critical safety net for our NSW Families. Emergencies happen and we are here to assist. Recent examples of where we’ve helped include: spouse respite, emergency home repairs for deployed service members, urgent child care and primary care individual replacement. 


SEAL Family Foundation Dinners

Family is important. We make it a point to meet the families the night before their service member (SEAL/SWCC) graduates from their NAVSOC Basic Training Course. Our private dinner provides an opportunity for the families to meet each other prior to embarking on their own journey. Each graduation brings over 200 guests to celebrate this very special occasion. A strong family makes for an even stronger operator. This is the right way to introduce the families into this special community

Wounded Warriors

Working in support of the NSW Command and in close coordination with their Casualty Assistance Program, we bridge the gaps in Government Programs and provide additional capability during these critical times. While the Government has very specific programs to deal with these situations they might not meet all the needs. Our goal is to be with the wounded during their entire road to recovery, offering assistance as needed, including resourcing experimental treatments that the VA or other government institutions will not fund.

Fallen Heroes

Arranging and funding funeral services, moving relatives across town or around the globe, providing for the children, and whatever else is needed to provide comfort and solace to the surviving family members.

Gold Star Families – Bereavement

Gold Star Family Support includes, but is not limited to, Command memorial service/reception expenses for a fallen service member, family trips to internment sites, holiday gatherings and events for families, assistance with private family foundations and the establishment of memorials.

Children, Teens & Young Adult Bereavement Programs are in the form of an annual summer camp for ages 5-18 years old and long weekend academies for Gold Star teens and young adults. 

Heritage and Remembrance

Memorial & Heritage Support is funded by the Foundation in the form of monuments, building and classroom dedications, naming events, and local tributes to our fallen brothers.
We host NSW Gold Star families annually for the wreath laying ceremonies in conjunction with Wreaths Across America in Arlington and San Diego.

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